Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thing 8

Ok I have resisted doing thing 8 but have to get past it so I can do things I setup RSS feeds to my yahoo version of google reader. I was not very enthusiastic about it until I realized I can add all the websites that I check daily (duh) and not have to check them daily page by page but all on one page - way cool really. If I pick the content right I may not end up with any of the garbage RSS feeds that I so hate. This would be how I would use it in the library - to keep up with ALA and all the library blogs and info that we have to keep up with and won't have time to be checking a zillion websites every day. I could also feed when students change something on their blogs (like I presume Vaughn has done here), I could keep up with school news too like sports and competitions.
The feeds I added that I am MOST excited about are to the Sam Houston State Basketball site since they just WON last night!! (I have a family tie to them).

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  1. yup, that is exactly how I keep up...all of you are in my reader and I can see automatically who has updated and I go read!

    yes, you added a hot try one where your hot link the words...where something like Sam Houston State Basketball site would be a link and you would click there! Thre will be something to link in your next post !