Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thing 3

WHEW - fun stuff! I like the avatar creation process and blogging so far and can see how this could be taking up a huge chunk of time if you let it! If you follow the directions it is not hard but it is so easy to be distracted and link into all kinds of other things rather than finish the task at hand.
I am very grateful that the prior class had their blogs out for me to look at and see what they had posted. I really like some of what they had done with the graphics added for book introductions and book covers. A Biology Blog had a very hilarious U Tube about DNA and RNA that some students had made. All the new technology looks really great to use in my teaching but I sure wish it was summer rather than before TAKS so I would have more time to play around with it all. This would be a GREAT summer class to take.

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  1. yes, the distractions in the 2.0 world are many, but o so good most of the time!