Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thing 22 - FREEZE AND READ 4/17 4 pm

I was checking out Nings and first went to the Texas Librarians ning only to see someone's Cozumel vacation pics that I don't really want to I am just about to think nings are not so hot when I go to the Teacher Librarian ning and see the Freeze and Read promo. HOW COOL IS THAT!!! This ning is more like it. All of us need to stop what we are doing next Saturday at 4 and read a book to support libraries in crisis. While I am not really sure how this action translates to saving library jobs and libraries in general I am in because I want to show support. Sadly they picked a show of support that is very quiet like old libraries when they probably could use a very loud support.
The nings that I found that are most likely to be used by me in teaching are those that are from various universities and have topics that I can use to research new things and ways to teach.

PS Here is how you can get involved with Freeze and Read Support.


  1. I saw Freeze and Read on another site, and I'm so happy you mentioned it here! The site on how to get involved is eye-opening. Let's do this thing!