Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thing 23 The End

1. Favorite thing? My favorite thing was creating the Library Dog Blog and watching it evolve. I like the sense of community and commenting on my classmates' blogs. I also discovered you can use some of what is on U Tube to teach. Best of all, I liked having a reason to look at new technology online.
2. How has this program assisted you with lifelong learning goals?
I will always keep looking at new technology online and trying new ideas.
3. Were there any surprises?
I am sorry to be doing Thing 23. I thought I would be happy to be done but am not. I wish I was done with the Collaboration project instead!!
4. What could we do differently to improve the program's concept or format?
Expand the length of time that it is offered so we do not have to rush through some of it to keep up, especially if you are working all day and taking 2 night classes. Offering this in the summer would be great for teachers.
5. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future would you choose to participate? YES - especially if it was offered in the summer.
6. How would you describe your learning experience in ONE WORD or SENTENCE?
Should be 46 Things!

Freeze and Read 4/17/10 at 4 pm - Support Libraries.
Thanks so much for all your help Vaughn.
Now I have to take Library Dog for a walk. Woof Woof.


  1. hummm...I wrote a comment and posted it but it never came up so here it goes again...
    Congrats on completing your journey!
    There will be another Library2Play 2 11.5 More Things offered this summer...if you want to participate, the info will be available around May 15th.

  2. Guess the dog ate your blog!
    Library 2 Play 11.5 does not have the same ring as 23 things but I would like to keep going with it. Will watch for it in May. (Nice that it starts the week after we are done!)
    Thanks again VWB. You are the best!

  3. Magdog,
    I feel the same way about 23 Things as you do. Maybe we can continue in the summer together. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  4. I do like that the more things is being offered during a less busy time. The Spring is such a busy semester that I felt like I had to rush through some of it too.