Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thing 10

I already did thing 10 when I mixed it up with Thing 6 one night when I was way too tired to be working on the blog, much like tonight! (sigh.) By now I have used several of the image generators for our midterm presentation and other projects. Tonight for the official Thing 10 I did the comic strip again. I choose Garfield because some students always tell me how much they hate all the Garfield comics that are all over our high school and I always chuckle when I walk by the countless Garfield posters. Personally I like Garfield but can understand why high school students would find him annoying!
In my library someday I will generate comic strips to liven the place up and keep news worthy events updated. I would spice it up much like some of the signs in the Morton Ranch Library that I stare at all during our Tuesday classes. I would keep signage simple but amusing, catchy and colorful and possibly recruit students to help me create it and update it.
(So dreaming of sleep -- too bad they have now blocked 23 Things in Katy.) Here is the link for the comic strip generators.


  1. You mean the 23 things blog was open and is not now. Is there procedure to request a change. Your graduate program is sanctioned by the district...the 23 Things blog is a resource and learning tool....

  2. yes it used to be open but now we get the dreaded barracuda. They say they blocked it due to video content so I don't think we would get that reversed because they are blocking the UTube.