Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thing 14

Technorati just revamped their website which did NOT make it any easier to navigate. I have searched Technorati before and stumbled into the site on other occasions. I never really understood what it was before so this is progress. I searched for my blog and it brought up an old blog from the 23 things site and a very odd one from Germany. I searched for 23 things and got a random assortment as well. Every link seemed to not be working today - maybe due to the recent upgrades? I could not get widgets or register my blog, although I am not convinced I want to claim my blog since I don't want the Darth Vader type comments and am worried about identity theft issues.
I searched for "School library learning 2.0" and got NOTHING on Technorati, but TONS on Google.
While I am not totally impressed with Technorati I am impressed with the TAG concept that we saw in delicious and on all the photo websites. Tags are the key to organization and all searches. The tag is behind all of it and the ability to put a logical tag on data is how we will be able to pass the data on to others. Tag creation could really be a science in that what I tag my picture may not be what someone else would use to sort for it. Tags have been around forever and you can consider tags even when filing paper docs in folders - what do you file stuff under where you will be able to find it again? That is the key question here.

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