Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thing 13

The idea behind diigo and delicious bookmarker & organizer applications is great especially for those of us that look at every link and get so easily distracted while searching the internet that we find absolutely wonderful stuff but then can NEVER find it again!! We had a class about using diigo at school but of course I have not had time (or made time) to try it before nofw. I HATE applications that ask you to download a toolbar like diigo does for 2 reasons: 1)they usually slow down my processing and 2) they often are sponsored links themselves that can keep track of sights I am visiting so they can add popups and try to "help" me find sites online where I might buy stuff... so I am avoiding the toolbar feature due to all my past negative experiences with toolbar add on applications. I like delicious better than diigo because I can use it without the toolbar dl. I can skip the part where it wants to add buttons to my taskbar too and still use it.
I like the bookmark functionality but have lost my bookmarks when I updated or switched browsers so it is good to use a bookmark function that is not browser related. I like the annotation features and would use those with students in my classes. it adds an interactive portion to the search for data. My problem is that I am so easily distracted - look at this!! I found this article about how memory loss is linked to inability to ignore distractions as we age (like my age makes any difference!!) - found the article using the Science tag on delicious which I will use at school.

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