Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thing 12

I read the articles listed about commenting on blogs and did not realize before reading them that when I get a comment on my blog I should reply to all the comments. To me this seems like how a never ending chain of comments starts. I post on my blog, you post a comment, then I have to post a reply thanking you for posting, then do you have to post a reply to my reply? And so it goes...the never ending chain of silly comments is started following my brilliant post!
I post comments all the time on our 23 things blogs never expecting a reply. I think in our world we process something and then move on. I think the rule for posting comments should be to BE NICE! Be like Princess Leah no Darth Vadars.
I commented on one of my favorite blogs - I am usually just a reader of blogs and really like it much better that way.
I like the Blue Skunk comments on commenting and the name Blue Skunk.


  1. I have not experienced the unending chain of comments. Will have to watch for that.
    Usually if a conversation continues, the participants usually make arrangements to converse elsewhere (email, etc.)

  2. My avatar is Princess Leia-LOL! I haven't experienced the unending chain of comments, either. Leaving comments on blogs reminds me of leaving comments on FB: sometimes there may be a lot of comments on your post but the conversation eventually finds a stopping point.

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